Big questions. Big data sets. Big results.

The Yttri lab interrogates the functional interactions of the motor circuit that lead to behavior through several novel techniques:

  • Behavioral (reaching task in a mouse, quantitative open-field locomotion, Parkinson’s disease models)
  • Physiological (50, 100 and 1000 channel electrodes, blue and red shifted channel rhodopsins, closed-loop stimulation)
  • Computational (dynamical systems analyses of neural population activity and machine learning-based categorization of behavior)

These methods allow us sample and manipulate the neural activity of multiple areas simultaneous in our effort to understand the mechanisms of motor behavior and movement diseases

Yttri Lab in the news:

05.30.18 – Congrats to the ‘Deep Nets’ team for winning the CMU Neurohackathon using our lab’s dataset of reaching / hundreds of simultaenously recorded cortical and striatal neurons!

04.01.18 – Just published! Summary of our quantifiable, testable model of how the motor system and basal ganlia work in health and disease states. Email us if you have any questions.

03.21.18 – Yttri lab wins DSF Young Investigator Grant and funding for Open Science Symposium

03.07.18 – Congrats to Parley Belsey – winner of the CMU Open Science Logo Competition
CMU Open Science Logo Competition

02.27.18 – Barbara Shinn-Cunningham To Lead Carnegie Mellon’s New Neuroscience Institute

08.29.17 – Introducing Assistant Professor Eric Yttri

Now accepting rotation students and postdocs  !!!