Postdoctoral Research Position

Postdoctoral position in cellular and systems neuroscience

We are looking for a recent PhD graduate with experience in neuroanatomy, molecular biology, and fluorescence imaging to develop new tools for high-throughput synapse-specific detection. The ideal applicant will have interests in the cell biology of the synapse and the acquisition and analysis of large datasets using image and data analysis platforms such as Imaris, ImageJ, and MatLab. Post-doctoral fellows for this NIH Brain Initiative-funded project will be part of a long-standing and highly productive collaboration at the interface of chemical biology and neuroscience, in the Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. Please send your CV and a cover letter indicating your interest and relevant training to Alison Barth and Marcel Bruchez, directed to

Neuroscientists at Carnegie Mellon University belong to a rich and highly interactive community that includes over 100 labs at both CMU and the University of Pittsburgh. Additional resources include the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the Molecular Biosensor Imaging Center for state-of-the-art imaging and data storage and analysis. Postdocs will also be affiliated with the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, a dynamic training-focused center for neuroscience research for the CMU and Pitt community.

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