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Nathan Urban

Postdoctoral Training:  Department of Cell Physiology,
Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany.

University of Pittsburgh, Department of Neuroscience (1998)

Nathan Urban

Research interests:

I am interested in understanding how functional and computational properties of the brain are implemented by the physiological and biological properties of neurons and circuits. In my lab we study several examples of neural systems that allow us to approach the biological mechanisms underlying brain computations. One set of projects addresses questions about how synaptic inputs are integrated by the dendritic trees of neurons and how this integration can be related specific functions.

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Contact information:

Nathan Urban, Ph.D.
Dr. Frederick A. Schwertz Distinguished Professof of Life Sciences and Head
Department of Biological Sciences
4400 Fifth Ave.
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412-268-5122 (office)
412-268-8423 (fax)